Explained-Why Is My Golden Retriever Pulling Out Tail Hair?

On one afternoon, you are at home enjoying your day off with your furry friend jumping up and down the house. Having had a tough week, you are happy to spend time with your dog until you notice she is pulling out her tail hair. You are curious if it is just a health condition or if there could be another reason. This article is about helping you identify why your golden retriever is pulling out her tail hair and how to prevent it.



Golden retrievers love people’s company and hanging around family. Leaving them alone for over six hours, they tend to experience separation anxiety. A lonely golden retriever turns into an aggressive dog and may even get destructive, from howling to chewing on furniture and pulling out her fur and tail hair.

  1. Allergic reaction.

Your dog will likely ingest something they are allergic to without you noticing. An allergic reaction shows different symptoms such as watery eyes and rashes; sometimes, they start pulling out their tail hair and fur.

  1. Flea bites.

Keeping your home and dog clean is required to maintain a healthy environment for your family and your dog. However, your dog can pick up fleas when interacting with other dogs or may have been in a flea-infested place. The itch they get from flea bites may lead to them scratching hard on their skin and pulling out their fur. A flea may stay on the host for up to three months feeding from them, and it is advisable to start on treatment immediately after you realize fleas have infested your dog.

  1. Skin disease.

Licking, scratching and pulling out their fur on the affected area may be a way of your dog letting you know they are uncomfortable. Please do not assume the signs; instead, take your time and check what is happening with their skin. If you notice an unhealthy look on your dog’s coat, there is a high chance of an underlying skin illness. To help with the itch, your golden retriever may be chewing tail hair off. Skin diseases are several; you must visit the vet for the proper treatment depending on the diagnosis.


Immediately we see something unusual; we quickly jump to a conclusion without validity. Watching your golden retriever pulling out his tail hair/fur does not necessarily negate a medical condition; they might just be bored. Once they find their toys boring, they start to explore other options to keep them entertained. They start chasing their tails and eventually end up chewing on them and pulling out their tail hair. They also begin licking and pulling hair out of back legs. This behaviour can be easily corrected if you have trained your dog and will follow your command once you instruct them to stop.

Just like in humans, infections have a nasty annoying itch, and your dog’s behaviour may be a way of his trying to get rid of the irritation. They may be howling, scratching some parts of their bodies against hard surfaces, or chewing and pulling off their tail hair and fur. You may pull chunks of hair from your golden retriever if left untreated.

  1. Inadequate exercise.

It is no secret that the healthiest dogs have more energy from engaging in physical activities such as running, swimming, taking walks, and playing outdoors with other dogs. Exposing your dog to such activities will keep them busy and entertained.



The first step to resolving your dog pulling and chewing fur off her paws and tail is to find the cause. There are home remedies that could help, depending on the cause, but if the methods are ineffective, take them to the vet.

  1. For parasites such as fleas, clean your dog regularly, especially after they have been outdoors playing with other dogs. Clean the house and use a recommended pesticide to keep parasites and insects off.
  2. Pulling out tufts of hair is a behaviour you want to correct. You are aiming to raise and maintain a dog with a shiny and beautiful coat that is not filled with scars and bald spots. To keep this, always check for any changes in the dogs’ diet, shampoo, or medications to prevent them from experiencing an allergic reaction.
  • Alternate the chewing, pulling out hair, and eating it with chew toys so it does not get bored quickly. Take your dog for a walk, let it play, and exercise to keep it entertained.
  1. You should also schedule regular visits to the vet for physicals. The visits help keep track of your dogs’ well-being. Your golden retriever chewing off tail hair treatment plan may also commence once the vet has identified the cause.


Long hair and fur cause them to be warm and hot, and they might be pulling out their hair because they feel uncomfortable. It is necessary to keep your dog well-groomed at all times. Your dog’s environment contributes highly to his behaviour; always ensure your dog feels loved and safe with you and your family. This comfort will guarantee the perfect growth for your dog.


  1. Why does my golden retriever puppy pull my hair?

Golden retrievers are intelligent breeds, and they exhibit their intellect even at a young age. By pulling on your hair, they need your attention or invite you for a play session with them.

  1. Why is my golden retriever’s tail not fluffy?

As your golden retriever grows, it begins to lose the puppy coat and develop the adult feathery coat they are accustomed to. These coat stages may take some time and will determine when their tail will get fluffy.

  1. Does golden retriever tail hair grow back?

Yes. The tail hair eventually grows back after the treatment and medication. Make sure to take care of your dog when recuperating.


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