Golden Retriever Lips Turning Pink- Causes And Remedies

Just like human beings, dogs also have different colored lips. They may be black, red, or pink, some with spots and others without, but there comes a time you start noticing a color change on your dog’s lips and the mouth area. Your golden retriever’s lips turning pink can be concerning, and here are several reasons to explain the changes.

  1. The natural aging process.

The aging process affects every living creature. Your golden retriever losing pigment around the mouth may be a side effect of age. As age progresses, the melanin production rate slows; thus, your golden retriever lips gradually turn black to pink. A puppy’s lips are more pinkish since they have not fully developed their melanin production. However, it would be best if you were sure that the pink discoloration on your golden retriever’s lips is solely due to age and not an underlying condition. Visit your vet to verify.

  1. Trauma to its mouth.

Golden retrievers are classified under breeds with the most physical activity. It would be no surprise if it got hurt in the process. They might hit a hard surface with their mouth area, which may lead to your golden retriever’s lips turning pink and swollen.

  1. Seasonal changes.

When your dog does not get as much exposure to sunlight as it should, the body’s rate of melanin production lowers, causing the pink color formation on your dog. On the other hand, too much sun exposure causes skin pigmentation on your dog’s lips, turning them pink. The amount of sun received is a significant cause of pink spots on golden retrievers’ noses and lips. Once the seasons pass, your golden retriever’s lips will return to their standard color.

Animals can also be allergic to certain foods or objects. It is one of the many traits they share with human beings. Several allergies can cause your golden retriever’s lips to turn pink from black. Allergies can be contact, for example, plastic toys or food allergies where the dog is allergic to a protein source. Allergies usually make your golden retriever’s lips red and swollen. It would be best to take extra care of them since they may end up scratching on them so hard, causing bruises and infections.

Vitiligo is a condition whereby skin gradually loses its natural pigments from small spots to larger areas over the years. Affected areas can turn to a tint of pink or white. Vitiligo golden retrievers have their melanin cells destroyed, causing the pigment to be lost. Vitiligo has no treatment, and it is a permanent condition.

  1. Excessive tear and saliva production.

Porphyrin is a by-product of red blood cells breaking down and is secreted through tears, saliva, and poo. It causes the formation of pink around dogs mouth or where the pet has licked or produced a lot of tears on. Porphyrin can also be why your golden retriever’s nose turned pink.

  1. Skin infection.

A cut in the mouth most likely brings about a skin infection. Your dog’s bottom lip turning pink and swollen results from an infection, like your dog’s upper lip turning pink. Take your time and inspect its mouth and take care of the infection before its lips are red and swollen. Skin infections cause pink spots on the lips and around the mouth.



The first thing to do is determine the cause of the discoloration.

  1. To know whether it is an allergic reaction, inspect for symptoms such as rashes, inflammation, or redness in the mouth after eating or playing. Once you determine an allergic reaction, consult the vet and get a prescription.
  2. It is best not to leave a skin infection untreated for long. Take your dog to a vet for oral antibiotics and maybe some cream to apply to the infected areas.
  • Vitiligo has no treatment; however, it is not painful or uncomfortable. Your vet may recommend management options, but you should know that the affected areas will never regain their original pigment.
  1. An injury on the lips and the mouth area can only be treated with medication and proper cleaning to prevent the wound from progressing to an infection.
  2. Increased production of tears and saliva means that your dog suffers from a dental condition or has an eye injury or infection. Once these issues have been addressed, you can rest in the comfort of your dog’s lips, regaining their color.
  3. If your dog’s condition is due to the weather, ensure they get the right amount of sun exposure.
  • Ensure you supervise your dog’s playing area and remove any object that may cause harm to him.








Your golden retriever’s lips turning pink from black may not necessarily cause alarm, but you should not go unnoticed. Taking constant care of your dog and forming a close relationship with it is an essential factor in their health and well-being; you will also be able to notice even the slightest of change in it.


  1. Why did my Golden retriever lips turn pink after birth?

After giving birth, your dog may experience several changes. Hormonal changes can be a primary reason for the color change. Take her to the vet to make sure there are no other reasons or infections.

  1. Why are my Golden retriever lips red?

A bunch of factors including injuries, infections, allergies or a blood disorder, can bring about red lips. It is crucial to bring them to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • Why do Golden retriever’s nose turn pink?

The pink nose is a result of age. As the dog ages, its melanin production lowers, causing skin pigmentation. If this is the only symptom, it is no cause for alarm.


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