How long can small dogs go without pooping? ANSWERED!

Pets are therapeutic, but having a dog as your pet, especially small dogs, is something to die for. However, you have to know how to take care of your dog, not just giving it a name, taking cute pictures with it or going for walks in the park; you have to be cautious of their health and eating habits as well.

It is important to keep your dog healthy. Be aware of any changes in their appetite, check its pooping schedules and pay more attention in case of any change. It is also essential to know how long your dog can go without pooping and what to do if the alarm is raised.

Five main small dog breeds.

For people who cannot handle big dogs, there are a variety of small and fluffy dog options to choose from.

  1. West Highland Terrier.

They may not be as fluffy as other dogs, they have longer, silky hair and only weigh 15-20 pounds. They’re great with children and can be easily hurt due to their small size and thus require constant and tender care. They quickly learn commands and are intelligent making them easy to train.

  1. Long- Haired Chihuahua.

It is important to train and socialize with them to prevent them from being aggressive and territorial.

  • Border Collies.

They are relatively small and smartest dogs around making them trainable. They need to be provided with plenty mental stimulation. They are extremely active and shed substantially thus require regular brushing.

  1. Australian Shepherds.

Females tend to be smaller than the males. They should be provided with plenty of exercise for both their energetic and intelligent nature. They need constant care thus require a stay in family.

  1. Coton De Tulear.

This is one of the smaller dog breeds, standing only 10 inches, from Africa. They have a beautiful white coat that needs a lot of grooming. They are extremely affectionate and require a lot of attention.

There are a number of small dog breeds with different features. You just have to find one that suits you the best.

How many times and amount of food should a small dog take?

Dogs should eat at least two meals a day , about 12hours apart. The best approach to portion their food is to use a kitchen scale or a measuring can. It is also important to include your vet for nutritional guidance.

How many times should a small dog poop in a day?

A dog’s normal pooping schedule should be once or twice a day. Your dog should poop 30minutes after they have eaten.

How long can a small dog go without pooping?

When your dog isn’t pooping, that could raise an alarm, especially if you are feeding them right. A dog should poop, thirty minutes after eating. If this does not happen, you should not be overly concerned. 12-24 hours is the longest a dog can go without pooping. As long as they are within this time limit, they are not in trouble thus no need to raise an alarm.

When does your dog raise an alarm for not pooping.

It is potentially dangerous once it hits 48-72 hours without your dog pooping. Some of the common causes to a dog not pooping are dietary changes, decreased water intake and decreased activity levels. As an owner, you should be concerned if your dog does not poop for 2-3 days and you should look into home remedies of making them poop like increasing their fiber intake and water consumption or consult a vet.

Dog constipation.

Constipation is the inability to defecate. The most common causes of constipation is when dogs swallow indigestible objects such as bones or hair. Other causes of constipation are;

  • Age – elderly dogs are more prone to constipation especially due to their reduced activity level and metabolism.
  • Diet – most diets than cause constipation are often the ones lacking in fiber like toys or bones. These may cause blockages and abnormal fecal transit.
  • Dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.
  • Spinal diseases and injuries.
  • Tumors that narrow the pelvic region and anal gland issues.
  • Digestive tract tumors.
  • Stress, anxiety and psychological problems.
  • Medication side effects.

If you notice your dog having difficulties passing stool for 2-3 days, you should take the necessary steps:

Some of the natural /home remedies include;

  • Hydration- always ensure your dog takes enough fresh water and maybe a few electrolyte supplements.
  • Pumpkin- pumpkin is both high in fiber and moisture and its sweet taste will make the dogs eat. It helps in regulating the dietary tract and will help soften your dog’s stool.
  • Canned dog food.
  • Coconut oil and fiber- use half a teaspoon for smaller breeds and two teaspoons for larger breeds. Coconut oil has a natural laxative effect. It may also enhance a dog’s metabolism, easing in healthy digestion.
  • Giving them stool softeners.

If your dog has not pooped for three days and the home remedies are not working, it is high time to see the vet. Your vet will examine and run a test to figure out the problem.

How to take care of small dog/ small retriever dog constipation.

These dogs fur mats around the anus. This problem can be prevented by making sure your dog is well groomed and trimmed.

Feeding the dogs with the right prescribed dog food prevents constipation. The vet will obviously prescribe food that is rich in fiber.

These dog breeds require tender care and attention. Constantly taking care of them will help prevent them from picking up dirt and indigestible objects, thus avoid the health issues.


It is believed that dogs tend to share emotions with humans. If you treat your dog right, they get more comfortable with you but if you bring in a negative energy, which they tend feel may lead them to being aggressive towards you and other people. It is best to treat them as another member of the family and include them in activities such as playing games. The feeling of belonging will prevent them from stress and anxiety.


Is it normal for a dog to skip pooping for a day?

It is normal for a dog not to poop for a day. There may have been some changes in their normal schedule that may have led to it.

Why does my dog only want to eat what am eating?

Many a times dogs want to be included in your activities. It is best if you also place their food near you so that you can all eat together rather tha secluding them to a corner to eat alone.


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